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Dr. Levy has developed an expertise from many fields of psychology to help you to jump across the hurdles that keep you stalled or running in place. She will help you build a bridge from your current situation toward your vision of the future.

Psychotherapy / Psychoanalysis

Focus on identifying and dealing with the source of conflicts.

Takehold Coaching

Action, follow-through and accountability.

Hartsong Performance Coaching

Cutting edge psychological skills proven to enhance performance success.

Judith LevyI help people to get unstuck, to clarify what they want, to eliminate obstacles to success, and to stop getting in their own way. If you hope for more meaning, connection, and joy in relationships or work, I invite you to contact me. I hope to inspire you to be your freest, deepest, and richest self. I believe that people often only see what they expect to see, which can keep them in vicious circles and relentless, ineffective repetitions. Working with me is about feeling understood, learning to be effective, and discovering new perspectives and possibilities in order to allow you freer decisions, more choice and spontaneity. The result in therapy is less anxiety, depression and suffering. The coaching result is greater clarity and sense of purpose, sustained energy, commitment to your goals and specific action plans to implement "next steps," and optimized vitality, success, and accomplishment. I work with adults, children and adolescents.

I see therapy and coaching on a continuum. Both involve expanding awareness as a tool for change. Therapy tends to focus more on identifying and dealing with the source of conflicts. Coaching more quickly focuses on action, follow-through and accountability. Together, we'll identify your needs and customize the best plan for you. In our work together, I'll listen intently and collaboratively, ask questions that make you think, help make connections to feelings or conflicting intentions you may not be aware of, and I'll work very hard to deserve your trust. I'm interested in helping you to recognize, appreciate, and to make the greatest use of your strengths and talents so you can feel fully alive, connected, and productive. Life transitions, insecurity, procrastination, leadership challenges performance/creativity blocks, loneliness, loss, and problems of love and desire are specialties.

I'm a seasoned clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, teacher, and psychotherapy supervisor. I understand first hand the challenges and joys of performing in high-pressure situations. With additional training in personal, career, business and executive coaching as well as meditative, emotion based, somatic, and cognitive behavioral methods, I'm interested in integrating the best of what works. My thirty years of experience have taught me humility, curiosity, and the value of learning together.

Judith Schweiger Levy, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist
Takehold Coaching / Heartsong Performance Coaching

65 East 96 Street #1C
New York, NY 10028
(914) 403-3514

41 Southgate Ave
Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
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