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Career Transitions and Life Transitions

If you are interested in making a career change, or advancing in your current one, I will work with you to define your goals, and to design a game plan for accomplishment. We will assess together specific questions regarding your career fit: WHO you are and how your job reflects those values; WHAT your purpose is, what you love and are interested in; WHERE you want to do it, and for whom?; WHY you want to do it, or to change what you do...

Career coaching will help you to

I love working with creative, high achieving professionals who are honest, willing to work hard, open to examining their motives, and to follow through on their learning. A good sense of humor and willingness to keep perspective is also a plus. My strengths-based focus is gleaned from the fields of Positive Psychology, neuroscience, and infant development research. These fields underscore that well-being, optimism, and happiness can be taught and practiced and that they are intrinsically reinforcing, and ego strengthening. This doesn't imply a Pollyana like denial of difficult emotions, but that, if understood in context, difficult emotions can be faced, accepted, and even used to increase resilience. I believe that happiness is "created"as well as "found." There is an old Chinese symbol which represents both "danger"and "opportunity." Happiness involves the many ways we need to "takehold" of the challenges and opportunities that are presented to us. Having the ability to risk a plunge into the unknown can ultimately increase joy, enthusiasm and delight. I want to help you to "take hold" of what will make life meaningful to you.

Business / Executive Coaching

In my role as an executive coach I will provide you with a supportive, private, and safe space to deal with the stresses, challenges and opportunities that come with being in a top management or corporate position. Depending upon your needs, I will partner with you to:

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