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Psychotherapy / Psychoanalysis


Working with me in psychotherapy will involve helping you to identify, open up, and modify the ineffective life patterns which you may have been holding on to and repeating It may involve discovering and coming to terms with how old, painful emotional traumas and defenses, used to adapt to past problems, can be modified or completely changed in order to achieve a new, more fulfilling adaptation to the present. It may involve helping you to learn more effective ways to deal with distress and anxiety. It can help you especially to let go of dysfunctional, painful behaviors or relationships with hurtful others, to attain richer, more satisfying relationships, as well as to make decisions that are more personally enriching.


"The unexamined life is not worth living."
- Emerson

If you have clicked on this spot, you have already demonstrated curiosity, an important feature of someone who might benefit from psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis involves a deep commitment to self exploration, and the rewards are commensurate with the commitment. The old stereotype of the silent, uninvolved psychoanalyst who sits behind a couch occasionally making pronouncements is just that – a stereotype.

Psychoanalysis involves the deepest exploration of one's meaning and purpose in life. It is a quest to deal with the ways unconscious processes and issues may both impede or enhance one's ability to take hold of the vicissitudes and challenges of life. It provides the most extensive exploration of what it means to be alive in the areas of both love and work. Most importantly, the psychoanalytic relationship itself is a subject of study, and a potentially profound source of healing; it allows for the creation of the greatest capacity for love and the development of connection to others.

In our fast paced, high tech culture, taking the time and the space to look within is often discouraged, and mocked as self indulgent. I believe that incredible personal transformation can occur via psychoanalysis, because it allows the individual to find, to create, and therefore to embrace his or her own truth. It most fully honors the pursuit of individual uniqueness, passion and creativity, via both self reflection, and subsequent action.

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