Dissertation Coaching

Dissertation Coaching

Learn The Ropes of Dissertation Success:
Let Go and Take Hold

Isn't writing a dissertation a lot like doing a high ropes course? Did you ever think you'd be in this position? Maybe you're stuck in the "in between place" -. just not moving - paralyzed by anxiety, ambivalence, the voice that says, "Now what?!" or "It's just too much!" Sometimes a small shift in position can make the next rope feel attainable. To move ahead you need to be able to not grasp too tightly to what feels safe, to risk letting go of one rope in order to take hold of another. This can feel uncertain, risky, even dangerous, but ultimately satisfying, even exhilarating!

I will help you define and clarify the nature of the rope that keeps you tied up and weighs you down, and to take a look at what doing the dissertation means to you.

I will challenge you to take a journey inward:

I will provide you with the supportive space to be reflective, to increase your self awareness, and to give yourself permission to move ahead. I will also provide you with the concrete tools to start and maintain the writing process.

You will have the opportunity to:

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I look forward to working with you in letting go and taking hold!