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You have an important show coming up, and as a performer you want to be your very best. Do you have the psychological skills to give you the edge when you step out onto the stage? Do you recognize the hidden signs of performance anxiety? Do you know how to cultivate your courage, focus, determination, and resilience during competitive, high stress situations? Are you able to be and stay fully "in the moment"? If you want a greater level of confidence, freedom, and enjoyment when you perform, Judith can help to get there. Learn to more fully take hold of your energy, creativity, and pleasure in performing so you can soar!

Learn and practice cutting edge psychological skills proven to enhance performance success:

Take care of your most important instrument: You!

About Judith

Judith  Schweiger Levy, Ph.D., an experienced clinical psychologist and coach,  has worked with people for almost 30 years to conquer their conflicts, feel more  powerful  and  effective, and  become unstuck in  their  love and work lives. She  is  also  a  singer, and   understands  first  hand  the  challenges  and  joys of  performing in  high  pressure  situations. In the last several years she has taken  up  life/performance  coaching, using methodologies from sports psychology, as a  way  to inspire others - as  well  as  herself - to attain  greater  personal  fulfillment, to create and embrace possibility, to  be more  fully  expressive,  and to  take  hold  of  dreams. She has worked privately with performers of all sorts. She helps singers, dancers, musicians, public speakers, and business/corporate leaders to be at their best and to attain their fullest performance potential. Judith is in private practice, teaches, and supervises psychotherapists in New York City and Westchester, New York. She has conducted performance workshops at Columbia University, Juilliard and Manhattan School of Music, "On Stage America" Dance Competition, as well as private workshops in Westchester, New York.

In the dance of life, "All the world's a stage…"

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