Personal Coaching

If you want to be inspired to take action to do the big things in your life that you have always dreamed of, then coaching may be for you. Together we will explore your life or work goals, help you clarify your values, passions and strengths, and expand your sense of possibility. We'll collaborate on how to capitalize on your strengths to come up with action plans for success. I specialize in helping you to let go of ruminating, procrastinating, and unproductively contemplating your past. I will help you to take constructive risks towards action and support you in keeping your momentum going.

Areas in which we might focus could include:

  • Professional
  • Financial
  • Wellness
  • Learning / Growth
  • Play / Fun
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Personal Organization / ADD

Much of my coaching work is done by phone with people from all over the country. Feel free to call me at (914) 403-3514, or email me to arrange for a consultation.